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Track Cycling - Stage 1 & 2 - Youth Slipstream

- Fun and rewarding session for junior riders aged 11 - 16 (School Years 7 – 11)
- This is a four hour session learning the basics and track etiquette
- Experienced coaches taking you through every step of the way

Age – For youth riders aged 11 - 16 (School Years 7 – 11)


Duration –Four hours

Age – For youth riders aged 11 - 16 (School Years 7 – 11)

Fitness level – Medium

These sessions give you everything you need to know to start your track career, your first step onto the Calshot track pathway.

The session starts with a brief introduction to the fixed wheel bike and cleats before learning to ride the banking. Once each individual has gained confidence and awareness the group will be taught how to ride closer together along with group etiquette.

The aim of the session is to have fun, build awareness, learn to ride as a group and perform changes ‘through and off’ - a team pursuit exercise. This will give the rider all the skills they need to move onto the Improver session.

Please note that progression to the next level is not guaranteed and riders often repeat this course before moving on.