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Climbing - NICAS Level 1 - Foundation Climber

- A basic introduction climbing course over 2 morning sessions  for 10-18 year olds
- Covering climbing technique, equipment, safety, belaying and knots
- Includes a NICAS log book part 1 (levels 1 and 2).

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These courses give participants a basic introduction to climbing, covering climbing technique, equipment, safety, belaying and knots.  The course includes a NICAS log book part 1 (covering levels 1 and 2). 

The Limpets club follows the National Indoor Climbing Achievement Scheme (NICAS) with club members working towards the five levels of certification during club sessions. Please see ‘More Info’ for more details on this scheme. 

Calshot is a Primary Centre for this scheme, which is designed to give participants an exciting and structured introduction to climbing, allowing them to become a competent and accomplished climber.  Each climber will be provided with a personal log book in order to record their progress through the five levels of the award;

Level 1 ‘Foundation climber’

Level 2 ‘Top rope climber’

Level 3 ‘Technical climber’

Level 4 ‘ Lead climber’ 

Level 5 ‘Advanced climber’ 


Intermediate and advanced NICAS level 2–5 courses

These are normally run as part of our Limpets climbing clubs, although we do run some concentrated NICAS level 2 courses during some school holidays.